Honoring Your Nefertiti

She is made of papyrus

She cannot hide away

Her stories are written out

Across her arms, down her back

She is rough she is sturdy

Rainy days will not wet her

The wind cannot whither her

She remains the same forever


Her bones are made of onyx

They give her courage

She will always be prepared for battle

Though she may seem dark

She knows how to ease the pain


Her blood is the Nile

Giving life to the world

They are the tears of every woman


She worships nothing but the sun

She honors the goddess within

She is the lady of all women

Daily Post

Bath time

Lying in radioactive blue water
No bubbles but they say it’s good for the skin
I slide back and forth like a water park
Trying to mix the hot and cold
I rocked the boat
Cracked the ceiling
I dropped straight down to the floor
No where to land nothing to catch me
My parents sit stunned by the Christmas tree
I wake up in a bed
IV drips drips up my arm
I wonder if you’ll visit me now
What will you think
The bathroom tiles marbled in my face
I suppose you’ll never steal another kiss
I suppose it will never be just us again
It was always my skin you loved
Not anything that lied beyond

My eyes blink open to the same blue water
I check the mirror
All a dream
A perfect angel looks back at me
And I still I think it is the end of you and I

Philomela’s Rape

He tried to silence me                                     Cut out my tongue to hide my story
He didn’t know
Women have been silent for centuries
We learn to speak
with the rest of our body
Weave stories with our hands
Cry for help with our eyes
Men are wrapped up in themselves
Women smell danger coming
They feel trouble in the wind
My sister did
She followed my scent to the woods
She squeezed me tight and
in that touch the plot began
We played our roles for you
Stayed in our rightful place
Cooked a meal to satisfy a manly hunger
We watched you eat your flesh and blood
Didn’t flinch when your screams
Shattered windows
You thought you had us
Now we are alone and you could pin me down again
You ran
Opened your eyes
Look up
My legs turned to wings
And I hum the nightingales song
As I fly into the sky

But my wings are heavier than the swallows
I can’t forget the burden you put on me
I was transformed but not saved
There is a difference
I will always have a taint to me



Pandora’s Box

Today my mistress locked me up
Surgically removed me from my home
She zipped me up like an open wound and closed the door
I woke up in a fog

I can’t see it’s all black
Too cold to feel my blood
I beat 100 per minute then 200, 300

Louder louder I pound the box
The sounds rise like jumanji
Then she lashes out                                                                                                     Tosses me down the river
(Don’t touch the box)
It’s just temptation you hear leave it alone

Oh mistress so misunderstood
We had so much more of life to see
Many more men and dreams to conquer
It’s safer this way she thinks
There she stands skin covering bones covering nothing
Her ribs they float effortlessly with nothing to protect
My mistress locked her heart away                                                 She did not think she could live with it anymore

Daily Post

XX Chromosome

I am not the Woman of Willendorf

I have a face with many expressions

Do not exaggerate my features

Don’t put me in a tight outfit, give me a push up bra, or shrink my shirt to reveal my midriff

My mind  is not full of flowers

My neurons move just as fast as yours

I am a woman but it is not my ass, my breasts, or my aptitude for giving birth that makes me so

There is no milk flowing from my body

My womb is empty–it’s doing just fine on it’s own


No I am not the Woman of Willendorf

I am not a symbol for your manhood

I am the woman of battlefields

Your fist could never knock me out

I’ve had knives deep inside me

You couldn’t scare me if you tried

So go ahead put me on a shelf

Use me as nothing more than a sex toy

I’ll take your pride and nail it to a sticking place

I’ll crucify your boyhood

© Hannah Munroe

Praying Mantis

Prayer stance

I sit I wait I watch

They call me prophet, fortune teller

Eyes so wide and my third eye lets me see far beyond the sky

I hold my ground and in that moment creature and creator are but one


Night has come

I release my essence into the air

You grow, sprout wings, and make your way to me

I hear a flicker, a crush on the leaves, a pitter patter

It always ends the same

180 degrees later and I’m chomping on your inner cortex

The hunger pounds away too strong to contain

The small ones are always an easy target, the ones that love their mothers

Then there are the ones that leave too soon

I just wasn’t ready so I took a little bite to teach him a lesson


© Hannah Munroe