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Honoring Your Nefertiti

She is made of papyrus She cannot hide away Her stories are written out Across her arms, down her back She is rough she is sturdy Rainy days will not wet her The wind cannot whither her She remains the same forever   Her bones are made of onyx They give her courage She will always be prepared for battle Though she may seem dark She knows how to ease the pain   Her blood is the Nile Giving life to the world They are the tears of every woman   She worships nothing but the sun She honors the goddess within She is the lady of all women Daily Post

Bath time

Lying in radioactive blue water No bubbles but they say it's good for the skin I slide back and forth like a water park Trying to mix the hot and cold I rocked the boat Cracked the ceiling I dropped straight down to the floor No where to land nothing to catch me My parents [...]

Philomela’s Rape

He tried to silence me                                     Cut out my tongue to hide my story He didn't know Women have been silent for centuries We learn to speak with the rest of our body Weave stories with our hands Cry [...]

Growing Pains – Let it shine

I've been living inside a shell Hand picked just for me I was a little hermit Naive and hopeful You painted my shell Memories and symbols in bright colors Intended to reflect what's on the inside I grew to love my outer layer It gave me comfort Smelled just the way I liked Hugged the [...]