Daily Post


Friday Night in My Home Town

Time has stretched farther than the dunkin donuts line I don't even know my way around these back roads anymore Fog fills my mirrors We used to drive around these narrow roads longing to get lost It was the only thrill we could hope for You have to create your own frights                                    If you want to keep your pulse  in this town So put the windows down and blast the music                       Maybe we'll cause a public disturbance At least we can pretend to be derelicts Reverse drive park repeat We only smoke on potter hill road We think we're pretty clever I know lets go do donuts in the stop and shop parking lot Remember that time we prank called the cheez it company? We drive around the town in circles Reverse drive park repeat We always end up in someones basement                   [...]

Philomela’s Rape

He tried to silence me                                     Cut out my tongue to hide my story He didn't know Women have been silent for centuries We learn to speak with the rest of our body Weave stories with our hands Cry [...]

Growing Pains – Let it shine

I've been living inside a shell Hand picked just for me I was a little hermit Naive and hopeful You painted my shell Memories and symbols in bright colors Intended to reflect what's on the inside I grew to love my outer layer It gave me comfort Smelled just the way I liked Hugged the [...]