Bath time

Lying in radioactive blue water
No bubbles but they say it’s good for the skin
I slide back and forth like a water park
Trying to mix the hot and cold
I rocked the boat
Cracked the ceiling
I dropped straight down to the floor
No where to land nothing to catch me
My parents sit stunned by the Christmas tree
I wake up in a bed
IV drips drips up my arm
I wonder if you’ll visit me now
What will you think
The bathroom tiles marbled in my face
I suppose you’ll never steal another kiss
I suppose it will never be just us again
It was always my skin you loved
Not anything that lied beyond

My eyes blink open to the same blue water
I check the mirror
All a dream
A perfect angel looks back at me
And I still I think it is the end of you and I

Philomela’s Rape

He tried to silence me                                     Cut out my tongue to hide my story
He didn’t know
Women have been silent for centuries
We learn to speak
with the rest of our body
Weave stories with our hands
Cry for help with our eyes
Men are wrapped up in themselves
Women smell danger coming
They feel trouble in the wind
My sister did
She followed my scent to the woods
She squeezed me tight and
in that touch the plot began
We played our roles for you
Stayed in our rightful place
Cooked a meal to satisfy a manly hunger
We watched you eat your flesh and blood
Didn’t flinch when your screams
Shattered windows
You thought you had us
Now we are alone and you could pin me down again
You ran
Opened your eyes
Look up
My legs turned to wings
And I hum the nightingales song
As I fly into the sky

But my wings are heavier than the swallows
I can’t forget the burden you put on me
I was transformed but not saved
There is a difference
I will always have a taint to me

Growing Pains – Let it shine

I’ve been living inside a shell

Hand picked just for me
I was a little hermit
Naive and hopeful
You painted my shell
Memories and symbols in bright colors
Intended to reflect what’s on the inside

I grew to love my outer layer
It gave me comfort
Smelled just the way I liked
Hugged the corners of my pre-pubescent curves

But I am not a hermit anymore
They call me shark, scorpion
I had ecosystems waiting for me to conquer them
Strange that I should still cling to this shell
It’s not that I couldn’t feel it was two sizes too small
I thought the pressure was what kept me awake
I caught myself in the mirror
I saw my outer colors faded
This could not reflect the inside anymore

I shed my skin and stepped into the naked sun