Growing Pains – Let it shine

I’ve been living inside a shell

Hand picked just for me
I was a little hermit
Naive and hopeful
You painted my shell
Memories and symbols in bright colors
Intended to reflect what’s on the inside

I grew to love my outer layer
It gave me comfort
Smelled just the way I liked
Hugged the corners of my pre-pubescent curves

But I am not a hermit anymore
They call me shark, scorpion
I had ecosystems waiting for me to conquer them
Strange that I should still cling to this shell
It’s not that I couldn’t feel it was two sizes too small
I thought the pressure was what kept me awake
I caught myself in the mirror
I saw my outer colors faded
This could not reflect the inside anymore

I shed my skin and stepped into the naked sun

Pandora’s Box

Today my mistress locked me up
Surgically removed me from my home
She zipped me up like an open wound and closed the door
I woke up in a fog

I can’t see it’s all black
Too cold to feel my blood
I beat 100 per minute then 200, 300

Louder louder I pound the box
The sounds rise like jumanji
Then she lashes out                                                                                                     Tosses me down the river
(Don’t touch the box)
It’s just temptation you hear leave it alone

Oh mistress so misunderstood
We had so much more of life to see
Many more men and dreams to conquer
It’s safer this way she thinks
There she stands skin covering bones covering nothing
Her ribs they float effortlessly with nothing to protect
My mistress locked her heart away                                                 She did not think she could live with it anymore

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