Friday Night in My Home Town

Time has stretched farther than the dunkin donuts line I don’t even know my way around these back roads anymore
Fog fills my mirrors
We used to drive around these narrow roads longing to get lost
It was the only thrill we could hope for
You have to create your own frights                                    If you want to keep your pulse  in this town
So put the windows down and blast the music                       Maybe we’ll cause a public disturbance
At least we can pretend to be derelicts
Reverse drive park repeat
We only smoke on potter hill road
We think we’re pretty clever
I know lets go do donuts in the stop and shop parking lot
Remember that time we prank called the cheez it company?
We drive around the town in circles
Reverse drive park repeat
We always end up in someones basement                                                                                                  Watching re-runs of Alias
The dream of the 90s is alive in our home town

We all left for bigger cities, playing out our dreams
Now we write we sing we dance we teach we advise We learn we cook we clean we create we manage
We reminisce on the days when all we had was time to do nothing


Daily Prompt

Bath time

Lying in radioactive blue water
No bubbles but they say it’s good for the skin
I slide back and forth like a water park
Trying to mix the hot and cold
I rocked the boat
Cracked the ceiling
I dropped straight down to the floor
No where to land nothing to catch me
My parents sit stunned by the Christmas tree
I wake up in a bed
IV drips drips up my arm
I wonder if you’ll visit me now
What will you think
The bathroom tiles marbled in my face
I suppose you’ll never steal another kiss
I suppose it will never be just us again
It was always my skin you loved
Not anything that lied beyond

My eyes blink open to the same blue water
I check the mirror
All a dream
A perfect angel looks back at me
And I still I think it is the end of you and I