#MPF17 Wrap-Up: “Solarpunk Serenades” workshop

One of the many highlights from last weeks mass poetry festival!! I am so lucky to live in such a culturally affluent area where I am surrounded by artists. Thanks again for a wonderful workshop Meg! 🙂

Sea Dreams and Time Machines

The second workshop I led for MassPoetry Festival 2017 was “Solarpunk Serenades,” which was an introduction to the world of eco-conscious, optimistic, near-future science fiction that is now termed solarpunk.  Arguably, there are moments in poetry, publishing, and popular culture which have fit this bill in the last hundred years at least, but now it has a name, and an opportunity to make its mark in sci-fi literature, aesthetics, design, and imagination the same way cyberpunk or steampunk have.

The slides below contain links to and names of most of the resources I mentioned in my presentation, for both the context and history of solarpunk, and places to find inspiration to write your own. There are also three themed writing prompts with visual cues.  You can find most of those visuals and links to their originals on my Pinterest board. It was fabulous to see such a packed room…

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