Transcripts -October 23rd 1984

This week daily post challenged us to transcribe something not originally digital onto our blog. I knew I had to share my special postcard. It fell out of a play I was borrowing from the library at school. It reads as follows:

“Dear Douglas,

Hi Lover. Madison is running out of postcards that I haven’t already sent you. Finding new ones is getting to be a real challenge. This week is going painfully slow (it’s still Monday!). Friday seems light years away. I did real well on the second phase of my compiler, but the real work still lies ahead. I’ve put it all aside to start preparing for the midterm Halloween night. Ah yes, the scariness of the holiday takes on new meaning. Then it’s on to full-time confinement to the dungeons of the computer center to crank out code until Christmas.

Maybe if we take massive doses of heavy psychedelics this weekend we can stretch minutes into hours. It will be over so quick. But paradise nonetheless. Koyaanisquatsi. Life out of balance. Too much hurrying. For what? To prepare for more hurrying. What am I perpetuating? See you on Friday. Love Don (Dan?)”

I never can tell who the letter is from but I like to think it is Dan and it was two men writing to each other. Love is love is love, even in the 80’s! I love this letter so much. People don’t communicate like this anymore. The beauty in this letter is lost through instant messaging. People need to send more letters! I feel so happy when I get a letter from a friend in the mail. So special.

*The picture above is the front of the postcard.


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