Lizzie Velasquez

I like to write about epic myths and women from history. But today i wanted to share a poem about something else. Lizzie is not a myth and she is not from history she is of the now. Very much so. She is strong and brave and beautiful. I was so touched by her story i was inspired to write about her. Here’s my humble little poem about Lizzie.


I went through my email today

Saw an article that read

“Girl fights back about hateful meme”

I never stop to read those things

But I found my self clicking and reading

Then watching videos and reading more articles

The girl was Lizzie Velásquez

I watched her ted talk and then before

I knew it I was buying her book

Her words stayed with me

I was thinking about Lizzie

On my commute home the next day


I thought what a beautiful role model for a child

For the young the impressionable

We only think about the things we don’t have

And here she was with so much adversity to face

And all she could talk about was how lucky she is


We watch Disney princesses

In hopes to learn how to be a woman

How to be pretty, how to be loved, how to be docile

But then we end up thinking fairy god mothers will do the work for us

But here is LIzzie

Perpetuating bravery, strength, and fearlessness

So forget princesses in gowns

For today Lizzie was the one I watched on my screen

Living her happy ending

And she did it all on her own

© Hannah Munroe


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