Praying Mantis

Prayer stance

I sit I wait I watch

They call me prophet, fortune teller

Eyes so wide and my third eye lets me see far beyond the sky

I hold my ground and in that moment creature and creator are but one


Night has come

I release my essence into the air

You grow, sprout wings, and make your way to me

I hear a flicker, a crush on the leaves, a pitter patter

It always ends the same

180 degrees later and I’m chomping on your inner cortex

The hunger pounds away too strong to contain

The small ones are always an easy target, the ones that love their mothers

Then there are the ones that leave too soon

I just wasn’t ready so I took a little bite to teach him a lesson


© Hannah Munroe


6 thoughts on “Praying Mantis

  1. Love this… reminds me of something i wrote 20 years ago… these fascinating creatures… I will have to post this one of these days:

    Praying mantis
    I lay on my stomach in homage to the creature staring at me
    It’s diamond face, length side wise punctuated by solid eyes
    with no hole for light.
    It is a two dimensional beast , angles and lines prjecting like pine needles
    It’s current existence no more life like
    I am enraptured by its eyes as it takes me in
    Is this fragile green body quaking with fear?
    Is this magnificent bug in awe of this odd primate staring at it?
    Are you looking for your spaceship, crushed under some beasts boot?
    you could be so smart,
    You look so smart your head tilted sideways
    contemplating this stupid primate
    contemplating you.


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