The Belly of the Whale

So you’re the hero of this story

and you depart on your journey

you listened to the wisdom of the medicine man, they say he’s a loony but you knew better

here you are face to face with the beast  but rather than defeat him you are swallowed whole

In the unknown now, you ask yourself, “Am I in heaven? Or some place worse?” You will see many frights here but what you learn is this:

The only thing which you must conquer lies within

It is the beasts we lock away inside ourselves which needs taming

only then will there be peace

drop into the belly of the whale

for you will be born again

ashes to ashes dust to dust

nothing in this world is permanent

only the mark that we leave

do not cling to your earthly body

like a snake you must shed your skin

so take what remains and scatter it across oceans, dismember your old self, slay that which held you captive

In this belly you will be born again

Into a higher self

© Hannah Munroe





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