Striking and stunning
Stopped the room in its tracks
He loves to stare into her eyes
Strange he thinks I don’t even know what color they are
I can’t stay past midnight
The parts of me you love will decay
It’s not a pumpkin that you’ll find but a rotting corpse
Where can I find you, what town did you say you’re from?
Oh sweet boy did I say town? It is a place rather far down
Hunger and famine are the only company to keep
Do you know what they call my bed? Sick bed
You’ll know why in the morning
And now the clock is ticking and my flesh is sinking
I didn’t mean for you to see me in all my gloom
Don’t look so surprised we all look like this without the makeup
What does the goddess of the underworld have to do to get a night off?

© Hannah Munroe


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