Daily Prompt: Lofty – “The Lofts of My Mind”

via Daily Prompt: Lofty

Lost in the lofts of my mind
I go wandering through each lobe and pull back the cobwebs dust the days away so I can begin anew
I could hide in these corners for awhile
I drift into the place where I hold you close
Why do they call it temporal anyway?
It always felt more like a dream to me
Im sifting through all the words you’ve given me trying to make sense of it all but it’s more like floating in an alphabet soup
But that’s alright for me I always liked to swim anyway
The front is calling me forward time to plan time to organize please be more aware
But I ignore those calls for a while
The light twinkles behind me and I am suddenly swept up in the colors spinning my arms dancing to the beat of my own drum
There is so much complexity hidden right beneath the surface
Our minds are loftier than we  realize

© Hannah Munroe


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